Operational standards for mines in the U.S. and Arizona today are high, but Rosemont’s standards are even higher. The Rosemont Project is striving to raise the bar for what it means to safely and sustainably mine copper and other essential minerals. Through minimizing impacts to the landscape, environment, water resources, and night sky; Rosemont will be able to enrich partner communities in ways that outlast the course of mining operations.

Recent court decisions temporarily delayed the Rosemont Project. However, we are confident that the courts' decisions will be overturned on appeal and our permits will be reinstated. Once reinstated we know this project will be able to deliver tremendous economic and employment benefits to the region, while maintaining the highest operational standard for sustainable mining practices.

Committed to moving forward

Hudbay is fully committed to building and operating the Rosemont Project.

The Rosemont Project received all the necessary permits to begin construction after completing a rigorous environmental review process. Through that process Rosemont has committed to making a substantial economic investment in the region and implementing an unprecedented environmental mitigation program.


The most extensively studied mining project ever approved for operation in Arizona

The U.S. has among the toughest standards for mine permitting of any developed country, and no mine in Arizona has been vetted more thoroughly than Rosemont. Over 11 years, more than 1,000 studies looked at every aspect of the project, under the direction of the US Forest Service and 17 cooperating government agencies, including Pima County, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, Local Tribes and the U.S. government.

Rosemont will bring new
economic opportunity to Arizona

Billions in Economic Activity

Thousands of new High-Paying Jobs

Millions of Dollars in New Tax Revenue

A Catalyst for Prosperity:
Rosemont is a regional economic engine and partner for Southern Arizona

As the next chapter of Arizona mining, the Rosemont Project will stimulate billions in new economic activity statewide. Locally, Rosemont will create thousands of new direct and indirect, high-paying jobs for Arizonans and ensure the future of Arizona mining remains strong.


More than 3,000 jobs created over the life of the project

$4.5 billion increased new personal income over the lifetime of the project.

A Catalyst for Prosperity and Tax Revenue

Annual economic impact

Local: $525M
Arizona: $885M

Annual tax revenue impact

Local: $18M
Arizona: $30M

Arizona State University economic study, 2018

The copper mined at Rosemont will support a cleaner and more interconnected economy.

From solar panels to electric vehicles—copper is the key element to our green energy future. Rosemont will support the growth of clean energy by providing the copper to make the innovative materials and technologies that will power this new economy.

From healthcare to smartwatches, flat screen TVs to smart-tech, all are requiring more and more copper. Leading-edge innovators have signaled that more investment is needed in the mining sector to meet growing demand for copper to support the high-tech sector and green economy.

Land Use

While both National Parks and National Forests are public lands that are managed by the Federal Government, their purpose and uses are quite different. Check out this video to learn more.

The Federal Government has longstanding policies to promote mining on public lands, including within National Forests.

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Protecting Arizona's most precious resource

100% of the water used throughout the life of the project will be replaced.

Rosemont will be a zero discharge
site with all processed water remaining on-site.

Rosemont’s Water consumption will be one of the lowest in the world per pound of copper produced

Utilizing modern technologies, such as dry stack tailings, will allow Rosemont to use 50-60 % less water than similar mining operations by recycling the majority of the water we use onsite. In addition, Rosemont has already purchased and stored 45,000 acre feet of water, almost half of the water that will be needed for operations during the life of the mine.


Reclamation begins on day one. Financial bonding will be put in place to guarantee reclamation, including revegetating throughout the life of the mine and post-closure both on and off the project site.

Rosemont: Setting a new standard for environmental stewardship through modern mining

Permanent Land Conservation. Rosemont will maintain a 30,000 acre working ranch and dedicate revegetated mining area as permanent ranching and wildlife open space once reclamation is complete.

Commitment to putting back the way it was

Late in 2019 Rosemont initiated a reclamation program to revegetate an area that we disturbed while doing work on the utility corridor. After a few months we are already seeing excellent results. Check out the video to see the progress made so far.