Hudbay stands apart, unique among its peers for its proven ability to discover, finance, build and operate low-cost, long-life, cash-generating assets.

Hudbay is a low-cost, diversified metals producer with a long track record of value creation for our shareholders and community partners.

We are unique among our peers for our proven ability to discover, finance, build and operate low-cost, long-life, cash-generating assets. We have a robust portfolio of mines and projects focused on copper in mining-friendly jurisdictions in the Americas. These include the Constancia mine in Peru, the Lalor mine in Manitoba and the Rosemont and Mason projects in the United States. Hudbay, a responsible, top-tier operator with growing exposure to copper, is well placed to take advantage of the favourable long-term supply-demand fundamentals for copper.

consistent strategy

Clear, Disciplined Growth Strategy

Our future growth is planned against a consistent and successful set of criteria that define that path forward. The growth opportunities we pursue must meet strategic criteria that define a truly valuable copper asset: low cost, long life, and meaningful scale potential, situated in mining friendly jurisdictions and capable of delivering per share accretion. Hudbay’s focus in on copper and our foundation is financial strength, built on efficient operations, exploration, project development, and ESG excellence.

Planning for the Future

We are laying the foundations for a new phase of growth that is unprecedented in our long history. Our pipeline of near-term growth projects includes the high-grade Pampacancha satellite copper deposit at our Constancia mine in Peru and the expanded gold zone and copper-gold zone at our Lalor mine in Manitoba. Our portfolio also includes the Rosemont copper project in Arizona and the Mason deposit, a significant, high-quality copper resource in Nevada. Our development pipeline now exceeds 880,000 hectares with exploration activities in Manitoba, British Columbia, Peru and Chile. Over time, we look forward to expanding our exploration program to Arizona and Nevada.

Proven Management

In the last 10 years, Hudbay has built nearly one-third of all mines constructed by its peer group and invested 37% of the capital, underscoring management’s leadership and ability to move Hudbay quickly, efficiently, safely and economically from discovery to production. Our leaders exemplify our values and set the standard that brings out the very best in each of us at Hudbay.

Proven Commitment to Sustainable Mining

Fostering relationships based on openness and trust is at the heart of our approach to sustainable mining. We treat communities with dignity and respect, we make their priorities our priorities, and we do what we say we are going to do. In so doing, we have, over time, built a reputation as leaders in sustainable mining. This recognition validates our approach and serves as a constant reminder of the deep commitment and continuous engagement needed to earn and maintain our social licence to operate.