COVID-19 Hudbay Response

Last updated on April 22, 2021

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are responding to the rapidly changing environment with our priority on the continued health and safety of our employees, contractors and our local communities

We are guided by our values in everything we do, including the ongoing business decisions we make. Our Executive Committee is meeting regularly to discuss the evolving issues relating to our operations, our finances and our communities. See below for information on our business response plans, which will be updated regularly as the situation evolves.


Our Crisis Management Plans were activated in early March, establishing two tiers of crisis response. The first tier is at the corporate level with a focus on ensuring overall business stability, continuity and coordination. The second tier is at the business unit level where the response plans are developed based on the dynamics and context of the local situation. Our business units are engaging with local communities, health authorities, government and other stakeholders in each of our regions.

All our locations have developed site-specific measures intended to identify and limit COVID-19 exposure and transmission and maintain a safe environment for workers and communities. These measures continue to evolve as the status of the pandemic changes in each region with measures being adapted to the regional health authorities’ latest restrictions and guidelines. As vaccines become available we stand ready to support vaccination programs in our areas of operation.

We believe the most important way we can support the communities in which we operate is to manage safe operations, which provide income for local employees, businesses, and communities. While we have had members of our workforce contract COVID-19, to date there have been no identified cases of transmission within our workplaces, or transmission between rotational employees and local communities. We believe that our diligence in screening and testing and workplace protocols have been effective in achieving the objective of being a safe employer and neighbour. In addition to our hard work to maintain safe operations, we have been supporting public health authorities in their efforts and providing COVID-19 relief funding, supplies and services to neighbouring communities.

We are working to fulfill our role as a responsible community member, employer, supplier, and steward of our investor’s funds. To do our part to ensure these response measures are successful and effective in keeping our environments safe, we are continually evaluating and changing the way we work.


At the beginning of March, when Latin America was confirming its first cases of COVID-19, we started taking precautions to protect our employees in Peru. Though it wasn’t required for companies in the country at the time, Hudbay conducted temperature checks, provided masks, and discouraged close contact, such as handshakes. Starting in April, ‘quick tests’ (antibody tests) were procured and administered to incoming and outbound workers at Constancia.

The Peruvian government declared a state of emergency on March 15, 2020, requiring non-essential businesses to be shut down, initially for a 15-day period. On February 19, 2021, the Government of Peru extended the COVID-19 health emergency for another 180 days, from March 7 to September 2, 2021.

On March 19th, 2020, we initiated a temporary and orderly suspension of our Constancia mine. During the suspension period, a smaller workforce was maintained at the site to oversee critical aspects of the operation in order to facilitate a quick and efficient restart and ramp-up of the mine. Hudbay received recognition and approval from Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines in May 2020 for its restart protocols and Constancia successfully ramped-up to normal levels by July 2020. Enhanced health and safety measures were implemented upon the re-start of operations and remain in place as Hudbay continues to monitor the local impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the rapidly changing environment, our focus remains on the health and safety of our workforce and the local communities. We are working collaboratively with the health authorities to ensure our workforce and partners adhere to COVID-19 protocols while continuing to operate safely and efficiently. To protect our workforce, beyond screening for symptoms of COVID-19, we continue to test incoming and outbound workers at testing facilities in Cusco and Arequipa, supervised by the health authorities. This testing has helped protect our workforce and local communities by identifying potentially infected individuals prior to their travel to Constancia or back to their communities.

Our overall approach for protecting workers and communities is establishing a first line of defence of quarantining and testing inbound and outbound workers, and a second line of defence of distancing and protection processes at our Constancia camp and operation. Hudbay has implemented procedures for quarantining incoming workers in hotels in Cusco and Arequipa before they travel to site; and testing incoming and outbound workers. During work rotations we also conduct additional screening protocols; have introduced extensive sanitary protocols; enforce workplace physical distancing protocols, and have made adjustments to work rotation schedules.

As part of our effort to ensure effective protective measures in September 2020 Constancia became the first mine in Peru to obtain the SAFEGUARD Certification from Bureau Veritas.  This biosafety certification confirms that Constancia fully complies with all the protocols of its COVID-19 surveillance plan. Bureau Veritas reached this conclusion after an exhaustive audit of the mine's policies and procedures.


Our main focus is on the health and safety of our workers and of the communities in which we operate. We are working closely with local health authorities in Manitoba to keep our employees and contractors safe by tracing potential contacts and taking  extensive precautions. This includes screening and requiring pre-departure testing of incoming workers from out-of-province. In December 2020, Hudbay also implemented on-site COVID-19 testing for personnel arriving at our Snow Lake camp and any individuals receiving non-negative test results are isolated and referred to local health authorities for further testing . Other on-site measures include: maintaining a two-metre distance, mandatory mask-wearing in communal areas and shared vehicles, the installation of plexiglass barriers in control rooms, and strict capacity limits in control and meeting rooms.  Temperature-taking and pre-work health screening is required  at the start of every shift and employees who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms are asked to stay home. 

Our mines in Manitoba continue to operate and ship concentrate and zinc metal. The Manitoba team is actively engaging with its employees and the local communities to manage the evolving situation and has implemented a number of measures and layered workplace controls to maintain a safe work environment and help protect local communities.


Our Toronto and Tucson office locations have worked with local health authority guidance and requirements to develop location specific measures protecting the health of our employees and supporting local priorities. This has included mandatory work from home periods, and screening, distancing, sanitary protocols and work from home options when open.


Below are some links to stay informed on COVID-19.

World Health Organization:

Canada Public Health:

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:



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